10 things that happen to your body after a breakup

Heartbreaks are the worst kind of pain.

What happens to your body after a breakup (Courtesy)

They don’t call then heartbreaks for no reason. It’s like your heart is shredded into pieces and you experience so much pain. You can’t stop crying, your heart feels heavy, you’re emotionally drained, you experience loss of appetite, feel like all hope is lost and the worst part is actually imagining having to start all over again with someone else. Too bad we can’t avoid them sometimes. If a relationship is not working out, you cannot force issues. Heart breaks are actually so bad that they even affect our bodies and overall health. Here’s how.

1. Your heart rate drops.

According to research, moments after a heart break, your heart rate has the potential to slow down and this can cause muscle fatigue and should be followed up on if it begins to cause you any real pain. This happens because when the human body experiences social rejection, it can wreak havoc on the cardiovascular system which can in turn affect the heart rate.

2. Stress.

Obviously, no matter how strong you are, you will not be jumping for joy after getting your heart broken. A heartbreak can lead to a lot of stress and this has to do with the chemicals in your body. When you’re in love, you have high dopamine levels which go down when you get heart broken and instead, your body releases cortisal, a nasty stress hormone, which gets you tense and stressed. This is worth monitoring as too much stress can be dangerous to your health.

3. You have trouble sleeping.

Getting dumped can change your regular sleeping pattern because sleeplessness can also be a side effect of stress. This is also because the dopamine levels will start going crazy after a breakup, and because dopamine is partly responsible for regulating sleep, it can cause you to wake up at random times of the night.

4. Your critical thinking will be impaired.

A breakup can cause you to do crazy things. You have seen situations where people have burned cars, houses or even killed or harmed their partners due to breaking up. In other cases, you may start mixing up days of the week for instance. This basically happens because your brain is trying to comprehend what happened “Why did he/she leave me? What did I do wrong?”.

5. You experience withdrawal symptoms.

You know how, if you’re addicted to a drug and you stop taking it you start craving it and experience withdrawal symptoms? That’s the same thing that happens when you break up. Every little thing reminds you of that person and you can’t bear it. You look at their pictures or sniff their clothes and you just start crying or feeling remorseful.

7. Your immune system gets weak.

Because of the hormonal change that occurs when a person gets heartbroken, the body is more susceptible to colds, flues and such. This is because the stress hormones negatively affect the immune system.

8. Your hormones may change.

When you’re in love, your body produces high levels of positive hormones like dopamine. However, when you get heart broken, your body swaps the good hormones for bad ones like cortisal, a stress hormone, which is what makes you feel like ten kinds of crap.

9. Weight fluctuation.

The hormonal changes might cause you to crave salty foods and carbs as well as binge on sugary stuff and this can affect your weight. A t the same time, a breakup can make you feel like you do not want to eat at all, this will in turn make you lose weight.

10. You may feel like you’re physically hurt.

The part of the body that processes loss, is the same one that processes pain. Does that explain why, after a breakup you feel like your whole body is in pain? We bet it does!


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