Ladies, here are 5 things you should always do after s3x

Avoid those UTIs and yeast infections

Most of the times, when we get UTIs and yeast infections, it's simply because we are putting ourselves at the risk of getting them and one of those times is after sex self-care. To ensure you have a healthy vagina, always do the following after sex:

1. Always remember to pee after sex.

It doesn't have to be immediately, but at least withing an hour of having intercourse. This is so as to flush any bacteria that may have made its way up your urethra, before it gets to the bladder. If you frequently suffer from UTIs, you should always ensure that you pee after sex.

If you're gonna have to use a wet wipe to clean up the mess, do ensure that you use alcohol free wet wipes. The skin can be very sensitive after intercourse and using some wet wipes may cause vaginal irritation. Also, remember to wipe from front of the vagina to the back of the anus and not the other way round so as to ensure that no fecal matter (if any) comes into contact with the vagina as that can cause an infection.

3. Hydrate.

We loose some water after having sex, from sweating. So do remember to take a glass or two of water to stay hydrated. It's also important to feed on foods that have probiotics which are the good bacteria that your body actually needs. The most common probiotic food is natural yogurt which is also good for your vagina.

4. Clean up after sex but do not use soap.

The vagina is a self cleaning organ. After you have had sex, it becomes more sensitive and tender. Using soaps and soaking up in the bathtub may lead to irritation of the vagina due to the chemicals in the soaps and shower gels and this may subsequently lead to dryness of the vagina and even cause irritation. When cleaning up, just use warm water and a cloth.

5. If you must, wear cotton panties.

When we have sex, we remain moist and wet and that's a breeding ground for bacteria. Don't just have sex then quickly put on your panty and sleep. Always ensure that you're dry down there before sleeping in fact, it's okay to sleep commando and if you have to wear underwear, do away with sexy lingerie and wear comfortable cotton undies. Don't worry about not looking sexy. It's better than to wake up with a yeast infection.


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