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3 simple things you and your partner can do for Valentine's Day 2018

Thank God it's almost Valentine's.

Apart from going on an expensive wine and dine retreat or giving expensive gifts at the end of the workday, you and your partner can do more meaningful things for each other.

Most couples have already scheduled a date for the Black Panther premiere with some tweeps showing that couples have already started making their Wakanda costumes.

But since the premiere itself isn't on the exact day of Valentine's, you and bae can do a lot more.


1. Heart shaped cooking

This may sound corny but the presences of hearts will just help the love blossom even more between you two.

Making food and serving in heart shapes or baking in heart shaped tins can be very romantic.

2. Recreate your high school crush mode

Wear each other's sweaters or blazers to work that day. Switch colognes for the day and walk around smelling like your partner. Write each other love letters.


3. Challenge each other

You can visit a karaoke bar and sing love ballads to each other. Or have some kind of game that night that tests your will to avoid ripping the clothes off each other. Try a meal you've never had before. Dare each other on something romantic.


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