What if I told you that its really not necessary to have bridesmaids on your wedding day?

Yup, it's not a must. A modern-day bride is free to have her wedding as she wishes. You only get married once, well, in most cases so you might as well have the best day of your life. I constantly see people complaining about wedding committees and I will also join the bandwagon. Listen, if you cannot afford a wedding, go to the AG's get your certificate and fly to Diani for a honeymoon. No need to bother people to finance your union. Please! And, this is actually the reason I'm writing to let you guys know that indeed, you don't have to have bridesmaids on your big day if you don't feel like and if circumstances don't allow. Here's why:

1. First of all, people are broke man...

To be a bridesmaid, most of the times, you have to buy your own dress, shoes, make your hair etc., while some brides take care of all the bridesmaids costs, others argue that since the bridesmaids will keep everything after the wedding, it's only fair that they buy the items themselves. Fair enough but in this economy, no need to impose unnecessary costs on people.

2. And anyway, all your friends don't have the same style.

Have you ever seen cases where brides want someone to lose weight before the wedding? Or force someone to wear a dress they don't even remotely like? What's the point?

3. You will not have to go through the whole 'whom do I choose and whom do I leave out' hustle.

Selecting bridesmaids is no cakewalk, especially if you want to incorporate both relatives and friends and only want 5 bridesmaids. You may end up hurting some people. The safest way is to not have any bridesmaids at all.

4. To be honest, bridesmaids don't even end up helping out that much.

They're there to make sure that everything runs smoothly but most of the times, they actually end up doing the bare minimum besides slaying and posing for photos.

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5. And speaking of photos, you'll only have you and husband which is even better.

You won't have some people ruining the photos for you or giving the photographer a hard time arranging you all to fit in the photo.

6. Less drama.

When it comes to occasions such as weddings and birthdays, there are always opposing opinions on how things should be done and such, leading to unnecessary drama. Avoid that.

7. The surprise factor.

Remember how we were all waiting for a maid of honor at Meghan Markle's wedding with Prince Harry only to see that she had none? I like that surprise factor. Having a different wedding from the norm.

8. Your wedding will be all about you. No one else!

Some of these girls are not even your friends. They're not even happy for you deep down. In fact, if they could, they could steal your man and act like it's nothing. Make yourself the center of attention on your big day, that's why it's called a big day...

9. Your friends and family will enjoy and relax during the wedding instead of running up and down.

Instead of giving people roles they don't even want, let them enjoy, relax and just have fun.

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