Bridal jumpsuits are quickly becoming the go-to choice for the new age bride.

If you ask me, there’s no better way to make your wedding unique than by wearing a bridal jumpsuit or having your bridesmaids wear jumpsuits. The trend is quickly catching up with the rest of the world and there’s something for everyone. In my opinion, pastel jumpsuits are uber chic for a wedding; especially if it’s a summer wedding. Light colors such as baby pink, beige, cream etc., will look great on your bridesmaids. Still, if you’re the kind of bride who loves a pop of color, you can go for colorful jumpsuits, think, electric blue, fuchsia or mustard jumpsuits. You can also have jumpsuits with details such as embellishments, cut outs, or those that are in line with current trends such as exaggerated sleeves or cold shoulders. Your options are limitless.

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For the modern, trendy and edgy bride, the bridesmaids jumpsuit is a big hell yeah.

Check out how to rock the trend:

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