These photos of traditional Kikuyu weddings will make you want to marry a 'Wanjiru' ASAP

When culture is lit

Many modern-day couples prefer to have the main white wedding and that’s it. But for other couples, the traditional way of doing things such as paying of bride price is a must. This is especially common among the Kikuyu tribe; traditional values are still deep rooted in them. Y’all if you plan on marrying a 'Wanjiru', you better be prepared to go through several stages of wifing her aka paying the bride price.

In Kikuyu tradition, the first step is Kumenya Mucii which translates to knowing the home. The second stage is Kuhanda Ithige, long ago, these two ceremonies were done as two separate events but nowadays, they’re combined to save time. The groom is expected to go to the bride’s family and make his intentions known as well as ‘book her’ by offering gifts, mostly in monetary terms so that another man cannot marry her. Sema kubook?

So anyway, after this, the next step is Ruracio which is the official dowry payment. The groom comes to the bride’s home with gifts and partake in different activities such as selecting the bride from among a group of women covered in lessos. If the dowry ceremony goes well, then the final step is the traditional wedding ceremony called Ngurario. During the ceremony, the couple wears brown garments with cowrie shell details and they’re taken through several traditional rituals. Currently, the traditional wedding ceremonies are not recognized by law and so many couples, after the Ngurario go ahead and have the conventional white wedding.

I think a traditional wedding ceremony is a beautiful. It shows we still have a little bit of culture, in a world where everything has become westernized.

If you’re thinking of having your Wedding soon, well, these beautiful Kikuyu couples are all the inspiration you need to have a traditional wedding first.


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