6 reasons why you keep holding on to toxic people

Reasons why you keep holding on to toxic people and why you need to let them go.

They are negative about almost everything in life and in those rare moments that you see them happy is when they are happy that someone else is not happy – sigh.

While for some people, the negativity may have culminated from underlying issues such as insecurities or low self-esteem, others just aren’t nice people.

Here are some reasons why you keep holding on to toxic people and how to let them go.

1.Fear of being alone

You’re scared to not have that person in your life anymore and would rather stick with them than toughening out the unknown future by yourself.

People around you have told you that that person needs to be out of your life and you acknowledge that but still don’t want to let go.

2.You’re gullible to their manipulative ways

You know they are wrong for doing that but you still hang on.

3.You’re on two different paths

You may be succeeding in life and you are at the peak of your career. They (toxic person) on the other hand may be equally successful but may feel jealous that they do not have the type of success that you have and will try to outdo you every chance they get.

4.Life’s too short to be unhappy

Life’s too short to be spending a big chunk of it with toxic people. Find people that make life worth living.

5.You’re halting your growth

Hanging on to toxic people halts your growth. You end up being concerned with their wellbeing and putting too much energy in them that you don’t see the opportunities that you may be missing out on.

6.You’re hindering better relationships that are actually beneficial in your life

Sticking around with toxic people hinders your chances of having better relationships with other people because they either can’t stand that person or can’t stand seeing you being manipulated the way that you are.


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