Important things every mom must tell her daughter

Si lazima uolewe

Happy mom and daughter(dissolve)

Raising a child is not easy and raising a girl in a patriarchal society is even harder.

Not that raising a boy child is any easier but bringing up a girl child needs much more than teaching her how to do household chores. And even though both parents are responsible for raising up the children, a mom plays a bigger role when it comes to raising a baby girl. There are certain things that only the mom can teach her daughter.

If you have a daughter and or if you ever get a daughter in future, be sure to tell here these things:

1. You are beautiful

Before anyone tells your daughter that she is beautiful, be the first to do it. When the boys tell her about it later, she will already be used to hearing those words from you.

2. Your body is perfect

Remind her always that she has an amazing body and no one should convince her otherwise. She just needs to learn how to dress it.

3. You can’t please everyone

Let her know that however much hard she tries, some people will still hate on her kindness.

4. Do what makes you happy

And because she cannot please the whole world, she should focus on doing what gives her joy.

5. You can be anything you want to be

That she is smart, she can do well in Maths and Science and she can actually be what everyone thinks she can’t.

6. I love you

Let her know that she can count on your love even if the whole world turned against her.

7. You don’t have to marry or have children to be complete

Even if that’s what the societal rules dictate, your happiness comes first.

8. Your ideas are important, express them

She should learn to speak for herself and for those who can’t.

9. Your worth has nothing to do with your sexuality

As a matter of fact, her sexuality is just a part of her whole self and it has nothing to do with what she is capable of achieving.

10. No one is perfect

Not even your own mom. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And when you do, forgive yourself and learn from them.


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