The 4 things men consider as great s3x

Spice up things a little bit

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So what’s great sex all about for men? As always, dating and relationships coach for women Mat Boggs sheds some light on the topic.

According to this expert, there are four main things that men consider as great sex. You might want to consider them if you are interested in making your man happy in the bedroom.

1. Frequency

If your man’s desire for sex is way too high as compared to the number of times you make love with him, then that can’t be considered as great sex. According to Mat, if your man doesn’t get enough sex, he is definitely going to be unfulfilled.

2. Variety

This goes without saying.

You want to change things up. You want to create some variety in the bedroom. If you are always doing missionary, he will get bored. You could do doggie style, Froggie style, cowgirl position, reverse cowgirl, animal style, etc” advises Mat.

He goes on to say that you try having sex at different places in the house and also try different types of sex. This will not only make the sex life of your man great but it will also be great for you as well.

3. Fantasies

We all do have them. They could be crazy but you really should make one of their fantasies come true. It could be that having sex at the beach is one of their fantasies. Doing so will be a great fulfillment for them. Mat says that fulfilling each other’s fantasies is one way to spice up your relationships.

4. Intensity

This is another factor that contributes to great sex for men according to Mat Boggs. This is not just about how intense it is for the man but also how much the woman enjoys it. Men want their women to enjoy sex as much as they do.

The more that you can emote, the more that you can show the intensity of the enjoyment that you have through sex, the more you make us feel like we have accomplished something.” Says Boggs.


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