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Things you must know before your wedding day

Be prepared for anything

Wedding day tips (WeddingWire)

Is your big day around the corner? Don’t know how it feels but I imagine it could be a cocktail of emotions. Excitement, fear of the unknown, and even nervousness.

Part of the success of your big day depends on how prepared you will be. But there are things you won’t have control over no matter how ready you get.

Before your big day, there are a few things you need to know. Things that probably no one has told you about:

1. The short walk down the aisle is the most nerve-racking


You are about to make a lifetime commitment to someone with whom you have no blood connection. At this moment, you will also be wondering if someone, like a crazy ex, might show up and change everything.

2. Things go wrong

It’s only best to be prepared for the worst. Anything could happen on that day. Some random human being could show up to stop your wedding, the caterers could disappoint you and the DJ could also mess up with the playlist. Whatever happens, don’t let it ruin your day. This is should be your happiest day.


3. You’ll need some help in the bathroom

It won’t be easy to use the bathroom with a bridal gown all by yourself. You will need one of your besties to accompany you in case you need to use the bathroom.

4. Choose your outfit wisely


You will need a gown that is not only exceedingly beautiful but one that you are also comfortable in. And oh, one that fits properly. If you go for the strapless option, make sure it fits nicely. You don’t want to be embarrassed on your big day. And the shoes should also be comfy. You can always opt for wedges if stilettos are not your type.

5. Eat breakfast

You will have a long day waiting. Make sure not to skip breakfast. You are not going to have food breaks until time for the reception and it will probably be in the evening and you’ll be tired and hungry.

6. Rest and sleep well the night before the wedding


The wedding day is definitely going to be long and tiresome. If you can delegate some duties, do so to make sure you rest enough and sleep well the night before your wedding.


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