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Great advantages of having a small penis

Mjulu sio lazima ikuwe kubwa

Advanatages of having a small penis (Courtesy)

For some reason, society has really emasculated men with small penises. Magazines, TV shows, the porn industry and such have conditioned men and women to think that big dicks are all that and a bag of chips. But, it’s only we women who can tell you that in fact, sometimes, small dicks are actually better. Men who are not well endowed down there always feel insecure about it and their insecurities show when they take off the clothes. Dear man with a small penis, I want to tell you that it’s okay, you cannot change the size of your penis (technically you can through surgery, but, erm, costs, chances of it working like it should, et cetera...not sure you’re willing to risk) - what you can do however, is learn how to use your damn chipolata. What’s a small dick anyway? Btw I’m not talking about micropenises. Eh for that, you’re on your own – I’m talking about a cock that’s about 4/5 inches when hard, which is actually the average penis size. Anything below that is what’s referred to as ‘too small just use your tongue instead damnit’. Anyway, back to the point of the article; many women do not actually fancy big dicks – and here’s where the advantages of small/average sized penises come in.

1. You can easily penetrate a vagina.

Small dicks are pretty much designed to give pleasure to any woman (or man if you swing that way…). You do not even need lube to get in. Plus, there are a tone of styles that favor men who are not well endowed like the woman on top. Oh, not to mention, you cannot experience condom tears with small penises - chances are rare.


2. Women will be more open to trying out anal sex.

If you have a massive cock, women will be scared to have anal sex with you because not only will it be painful, but it can also cause tears. With a small dick however, just slather the cock with lube and slide in.

3. Sex is not painful.

Big cocks can cause cervical injuries and tears especially if the sex is rough but that’s all a rumor if you’re dealing with a small dick. In fact, you can have very vigorous sex if the penis is average sized and it will be okay.


4. It’s easier to give a blow job to a guy with a small penis.

You can literally put the penis plus balls in the mouth at the same time and give him a mind-blowing blow job. A massive dick, well there’s that whole gag reflex situation to deal with…

5. It’s easier to hide an erection with a small dick.

It’s so embarrassing to wake up and walk around with a major hard on. But our small penis bros do not know that struggle nor can they relate!


6. With a small penis, no need to keep readjusting the pants and crotch every other second.

It sits where it's supposed to and behaves!

7. Men with small penises are very creative in bed.

Many women swear that the best oral sex they ever had was with a man with a small penis. These guys often know that they are not very blessed down there and because of that, they try to make up for it by being good at other things (not to say that they’re not good in sex but more like, they do the most) like oral sex – stimulating the clitoris with the finger and the tongue or having out of the world styles, using sex toys and generally doing a great job at pleasing the woman.


8. They’re humble.

Men with big dicks tend to be super cocky and remind everyone that they have big dicks. Urgh! So annoying…like anyone cares! A man with a small penis will be humble – that shit actually humbles you lol.

So yeah…remember that confidence is everything! If you know how to use your dick well regardless of the inches you pack down there, then that’s all that matters and no one should convince you otherwise.


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