Ever thought of dating your best friend? Really, who does that? Yet you probably haven’t found your perfect match because you’ve been ignoring your best friend.

Nah, am not a matchmaker but really, let’s face it. Dating your best friend has more benefits than you thought. You don’t have to buy the idea or go proposing to your bestie, after reading this. But you can think about it and if you like the idea, it hurts not to give it a try.

Too much of that, let me now tell you why you should date and even marry your best friend:

1. They know your past

Couple(Stock Clips)
Couple(Stock Clips)

They know how many people you’ve dated, how many baby mamas you have and all the sh*t you’ve been through yet they have chosen to remain by your side. You don’t have to open up about your ugly past since they already know it and have accepted you.

2. You don’t have to pretend

When you are with a stranger, you may pretend to be what you are not because you want them to like you. But you can’t do this with your bestie. You are real with each other and that makes a perfect match if you were to ask me.

3. They know you so well

Couple taking selfie(Hilton Grand Vacations Blog Where To)
Couple taking selfie(Hilton Grand Vacations Blog Where To)

Remember when your boyfriend got you some plastic roses for Valentines and you cursed for days? Blame them not. If they knew you so well as your best friend does, they could have known better.

4. No secrets

You’ve been sharing everything including your fights with your partner. They even know when you are PMSing and know who you are crushing on. Wouldn’t a relationship or even marriage without secrets be the best?

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5. You already have a bond

Couple watching(Money Crashers)
Couple watching(Money Crashers)

And a strong one for that matter. You don’t have to create any bond since the only thing you haven’t done so far is having sex. And that will be much easier since you might have already talked about what you both like and dislike in sexual matters.

6. Communication isn’t a problem

You know when your partner does something and you don’t know how to tell them because you fear to hurt their feelings? It’s unlikely that you will have such issues while dating your best friend. You are used to being honest with other each other and no hard feelings.