Great reasons why you should get married in your 20s

Utaolewa lini?


What’s your ideal age to get married? If you felt like getting married in your 30s is the best time, think about it once again.

Of course it’s a personal decision but honestly, getting married in your 20s has loads of benefits that we cannot deny. Check out on some of them below. Who knows you might end up changing your mind?

1. You grow together

In your 20s, you are still struggling to find a good job and pay your students loan. How sweet would it be to grow financially and even mentally together with your partner? You support each other in career and fight against everything that comes your way together.

2. You know your partner better

At this moment when you are still struggling, it’s the best moment to know who can be there for you in times of need. And if your partner stands by you all this time, it means they will be with through thin and thick even in future.

3. You have fun together

In your 20s, you have energy and time to go out and travel to your favorite destinations. By the time you are in your 30s, you most likely will be so busy with your career that you won’t have much time to have fun.

4. Safer and better sex

While your mates are still experimenting with more than one partner, you will be having safe with only one person. And you definitely will be having more sex and better since it’s with someone you love. Goodbye to sexually transmitted diseases.

5. You have time to make mistakes together

You both are still young and you have all your 20s to make mistakes before you hit your 30s. By the time you hit 30, you will have learned so much from your mistakes.

6. You will drink less

Being married comes with obligations that can’t let you drink carelessly. Your partner ensures you drink responsibly and that money is directed into an important family project.

7. Higher fertility

Fertility goes down with age. The earlier you start making babies, the better.


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