Stop condemning people’s sexuality, just let them be

It’s only fair to respect the LGBTQ community

Sexual orientation is one of the most controversial issues in our society today. Whether it’s an inborn or acquired thing is still something that researchers don’t seem to agree on.

Until 1973, for instance, homosexuality was considered to be a mental disorder by the American Psychiatrist Association (APA).

It's not clear if sexuality is innate or acquired

Although some scientists believe that there exists a ‘gay gene’ responsible for homosexuality, studies have not yet substantiated the idea. If sexuality is acquired or simply a choice that one makes is another different matter altogether.

But whichever it is, whether someone chooses to be gay, queer or ‘straight’, just let them be. Think of it this way, you are what you are today due to some predisposing factors – some of which you had no control over. Someone’s sexuality could be due to the environment they grew up in and there’s probably nothing they could have done about it.

Predisposing factors' contribution to sexual orientation

Others were forced by circumstances. Don’t stone me yet, I will explain. Take for instance this particular lady who was sexually abused by very close relatives. She couldn’t help but develop hatred towards men. No matter how much she tried to, she could never feel attracted to the male gender. Story cut short, that’s how she ended up as a lesbian.

I am not saying it’s the best choice she made because she could have sought help in order to recover from the psychological trauma. All I am saying is that sometimes you don’t know the story behind someone’s sexual orientation. Since even science does not make it clear on whether it’s a choice, why can’t we give them the benefit of doubt?

Religious views on LGBTQ

What about the Bible and what it says about homosexuality? It’s definitely against the religious teachings. But still, why do we condemn them so much as if we are sinless? As if we don’t cheat, commit adultery, and engage in other immoral behavior?

It’s only fair to respect the LBTQ community and let the main judge (Deity) do his job. After all, we all shall be judged or rather we will face the consequences of our deeds at the end.



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