Crazy things women do to their husband’s "mpango wa kando"

What would you do if you found out your husband has a side chick?

For the women that have been cheated on, some have handled the situation in a calm manner but for some being calm was definitely not an option.

Here are some of the crazy things that some women do to their husband’s mpango wa kando.

Beating them up

One of the first instincts for some women that have been cheated on is to teach the mpango wa kando a lesson and they do that by beating them.

Though violence is never the answer in any situation, some of these women may simply be acting out of impulse.

They find out where the mpango wa kando lives and summon some of their girlfriends to come help pass across their message.

Stripping them

Some of the mpango wa kando’s are usually stripped down before being beaten.

The wives usually do this to sort of shame the side pieces so that they do not repeat what they have done again.

In some cases other women from the community also contribute in beating up the mpango wa kando.

Pouring acid or harmful chemicals on them

Though very extreme, there have been cases of women that have had acid poured on them by the wives of their lovers.

Another reason why acting on impulse may not be the best idea.

Cutting off the mpango wa kando’s hair

There was a case where the side chick’s braids were cut off one by one with a knife - ouch!

Moral of the story after reading this is to steer clear of other women's men.


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