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Reasons why she went silent after sleeping with you once

She's picking struggles and it's definitely not you.

Sometimes it really is your fault.

However, two hours after she left your house, Miss Interesting (Can we call her that?) unfriended you on all social media, blocked your Whatsapp line, stopped responding to your texts and picking your calls. You know she’s okay because you saw her at Java with friends only that she acted like she’s never seen you before.  Not a story to tell the boys, huh?

Well, it’s happening and here’s why.


There’s the generally uninterested woman looking for a night stand with no strings attached, the girl with a boyfriend who feels super guilty about sleeping with you and then there’s the type that was completely turned off by things that you did. The latter shall direct this article.

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that a large phallus and money will keep a woman interested. It does, but, just like boys with the ' I don’t only care for a big bum'  principle, you would be shocked at just how easily a woman can let go of a man she was really into.

One type of guy that doesn’t get call backs is the one with zero points on personal hygiene. There are so many memes about girls with a fishy stink emanating from their lady parts but no one really talks about the dude with the stinky balls. Yup, the thought of a nasty smell from a guy’s gonads is a terrible turn off especially if she’s a clean freak. I’m not even going to talk about stinky feet. No, she will not tell you about it, but she definitely won’t be checking out your drawers any time soon.

Guys who don’t change their beddings fit in this category too.

How do you expect a girl to put her face down and booty up for you if the smell coming from your pillows is suffocating? There’s no justification for not changing your sheets for more than a month.


There’s also no justification for not taking care of her ‘needs’ like she did yours. One of the saddest situations any woman can find herself in is sleeping with a guy who has zero interest in making her orgasm, especially if he didn’t even last ten minutes. No we don’t want three hours of throwing shapes together, no one has that kind of time, but Miss Interesting would be grateful if you put a little effort… on the next girl because she’s not coming back.

Another thing, could you not ask who’s her daddy? He’s got a name and it’s not yours or he could be dead and your ego inflating tactics spoils the mood. Trust me son, its bad business son, especially if she’s grown enough to tell it to you straight.

Spanking doesn’t mean slapping her seven shades of Sunday, no one wants a beating during sex. There is a thin line between rough pleasuring and assault (yes, I used that word) and finding a balance can really determine if she’ll be sending you kissing emoji’s the next day or not. I’m not talking about BDSM lovers, that’s a special breed of people I am yet to understand.

This could slowly turn into a novel, heck, there’s so much more to say from comparing her body to another woman’s to lying about how big you are when it’s the inches you’re missing. There are so many ways to lose her interest but these will definitely make your crush let her fingers do the talking, pun not intended.


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