Signs your best friend and boyfriend are getting a bit too close

Even your best friends need boundaries

I mean you did not sign up to be a third wheel in your own relationship right?

They’re having their own little inside jokes that they refuse to share with you and your best friend even has the nerve to take his side during an argument – girl code clearly out of the window.

Here are some signs that your best friend and boyfriend are a bit too close for comfort.

1.They have their too many inside jokes

It’s annoying enough when you are hanging out with your friends and they give each other a side eye and they immediately start cracking up leaving you wondering what the joke is all about.

Now imagine this same thing happening between your best friend and boyfriend every time the three of you are usually together.

It’s not only annoying but can be very uncomfortable.

2.She always seems to take your boyfriend’s side when the two of you have an argument

Now as much as we appreciate the honesty that our true friends give us, sometimes it just does not seem like they are giving you the type of honesty you may be looking for.

So you and your boyfriend get into it in front of your best friend and they decide to take his side during the argument – not acceptable.

First of all I do not even know why she was still there while the two of you were having that argument, she should have found something else to do at that time and then wait for you to tell her what went wrong between you and your boyfriend.

Anyway if she felt like you were a bit too much in that situation then she should have waited till after the two of you are alone to tell you that you were on the wrong – not in front of your man.

3.He compares you to your best friend

Okay, your boyfriend has definitely crossed that line of disrespectful if he compares you to your best friend.

‘Why can’t you be as chill as Maria? Sometimes I wonder how you and Maria came to become friends.’ I mean he is definitely trying your patience and it may be wise to tell him to go get the woman that he truly wants.

4.He is always doing boyfriend like things for her

You and your boyfriend are in a relationship. It is not you, your boyfriend and your best friend.

You get to enjoy the perks that come with having a boyfriend so your best friend needs to stop calling your man to pick her up to take her to the salon.

5.She avoids telling you about any encounters she’s had with your man

She tells you about how great the day was but purposely omits telling you how she met your man at the supermarket to do shopping for her house. One word: shady.

If she is doing this it could be because she may be feeling guilty about something they know they should not be doing.

6.She’s always trying to pimp herself out when she’s around your man

‘I can cook and clean. I am always looking good so why is it that I can’t get a good man?’

These are some of the things that she says to your man all the time. How about she tells you these things. She is your friend after all and you are more than able to up lift her spirits.

7.They’re inappropriate when they are together

Let’s say your friend sleeps over at your place and your boyfriend surprises you in the morning by showing up at your place.

You excuse yourself and go to the room to freshen up a bit. When you go back to the living room, you find your friend and your man comfortably lounging on the couch with your friend dressed in tiny booty shorts and a tight t-shirt that you gave her to sleep in the previous night.



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