What not to do when attacked by armed robbers in Nairobi

The armed youngsters are unafraid to commit crime and have even been reported to brag over the violence on social media platforms.


Police have identified over 10 groups – comprising of teenagers – that have been giving residents sleepless nights with the constant home raids, car hijacking, phone snatching among others.

The armed youngsters are unafraid of committing crimes and have even been reported to brag over the violence on social media platforms.

Due to the dangerous times we are living in, plive.co.ke compiled important things you should never do in case you are attacked by armed robbers:

1. Never argue

During a robbery keep your calm even if the thugs attack you physically or verbally.

Do not allow anger to take over because the robbers can easily use their weapons against you.

2. Never make Sudden body movement

If the thugs have broken into your home and they are holding you and your family hostage, stay in the same position throughout the raid.

Avoid making sudden moves or eye contact with the invaders as they will become suspicious.

3. Never cling onto your property

When hijacked, give away everything they ask for. Never hold back money, phones, jewellery or whatever valuables you have.

Your life is more important than the property you are seeking to protect.

4. Never refuse to answer questions

Promptly answer every questions the attackers ask. Keep your responses short and never volunteer any information.

5. Never Rebel

Follow every instruction you have been given. If it is an attack inside a mall and the thugs yell "lie down and keep your heads to the ground".

Do not raise your head even for a second. This will ensure your safety.

6. Never try to be smart

With the obsession of wanting to record scenes and taking photos, you may be tempted to Instagram/Facebook your current situation.

Avoid this at any cost because if the thugs spot you, you are gone. Nonetheless, use your eyes to get every important details of the thugs, so that you can be helpful to the police during investigations.


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