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Morning sex is the best sex

5 reasons why his 'morning wood' is your best friend.

Anytime is good enough time to get laid but no one can deny the possible results of a morning shag.

There are moments in life that we live for.

Like smelling pilau cooking in your kitchen from your estate gate after a long day at work.

Scoring above 50% on an accounting test.

Game of thrones Season 7 premier.



Morning sex.

Anytime is good enough time to get laid but no one can deny the possible results of a morning shag. While you might really hate his morning breath (keep a box of tic tacs next to you), you probably won't remember it once you get busy under the sheets.  Here's five reasons why.

1. Perfect way to avoid coffee

No need to pump your system with caffeine for an energetic morning.  Instead, good bump and grind should keep you alert, well stretched and glowing all day.


2. He's stronger man in the morning

Besides being well rested and completely focused on getting you to climax, science show that men wake up with a higher level of testosterone. You know how it goes, richer soils make healthier or should we say firmer trees?? Wink*

3. It increases intimacy

Waking up next to someone you like is a really great feeling but sharing that morning intimacy when all you're insecurities are showing (no makeup, zero deodorant and no comb in sight) brings you closer and increases your level of confidence. It also shows that you’re still into each other past the alcohol high.

4. You can skip gym time


Unlike sex, working out takes a whole lot of commitment, preparations and a huge chunk off your bank account. Scientist affirm that a good laying burns more calories than 30 minutes on the tread mill.

5. You can’t put a price on a morning orgasm

Well, you can’t put a price on any orgasm but in the morning, when your body is in its most relaxed state, your senses heightened, you’re likely to ‘feel’ it much more than you do a late night session. And really, who doesn’t want to orgasm first thing in the morning?


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