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6 signs that you are a highly sensitive person

And it's okay to be so

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Do you feel more affected by things that other people don’t seem to care about? It’s probably because you are a highly sensitive person(HPS).

In case you are wondering if you fall into this bracket, here are some signs of a highly sensitive person:

1. You cry more often

Crying does not mean that you are emotionally weak. It only means that you feel things more intensely than the average person. If you feel the urge to cry more often, you are a highly sensitive person.


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2. You easily get hurt

We all get hurt at some point. However, some people get hurt more than others. If you easily get hurt even when other people feel like you have no reason to be hurt, you are a sensitive person.

3. You have difficulties accepting criticism


No one is perfect and we are bound to make mistakes in life. Positive and negative criticism are also part of life and how you deal with it really matters. If you find it difficult to accept criticism even when it’s given in a constructive manner, means you could be a very sensitive person.

4. You absorb other people’s emotions

A highly sensitive person is also highly empathetic. On top of it, they are good readers of people’s moods and they can read what other people can’t. Then, they absorb so much of what others feel until they end up suffering from emotional exhaustion.

5. You can’t stand violence


Not even in the movies. A highly sensitive person abhors anything cruel, violent, unkind or gruesome whether it’s real or just an image.

6. You think deeply

Highly sensitive people think deeply about the things happening around them even when it’s something that doesn’t seem like a big deal to the average person.

7. You abhor conflict


If you always make an effort to stay away from conflicts because they make you sick, you could also fall into this bracket.


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