Why there is a rise in need for sponsors by young Nairobi women

Is there something young men are not doing?

And no it has nothing to do with daddy issues.

From these young women being called gold-diggers to them being accused of being too lazy to work for their own in life, there have been numerous speculations as to why these young women choose these older men

So why the rise in a need for a sponsor by these young Nairobi women?

Guarantee of a comfortable life

One of the things that attract young women to older men is the fact that they are guaranteed a comfortable life.

In case you haven’t noticed, no young woman goes for a broke sponsor. They look for one that is capable of providing them with anything that they want – key point here being someone that will give them anything they want.

No strugglers allowed.

Older men serve as mentors to these young women

As ironic and somehow weird as this sounds, older men can actually be mentors to some of these young women.

They have enough life experiences to be able to steer their girlfriends in the right direction.

Financial support and independence

Young women apparently become more financially independent when they are with older men. It will only make sense anyway, seeing that majority of these men are supporting their lifestyles.

Older men do not play games

The silly games of not replying to texts in time are not the type of games older men will want to play simply because they do not have the time to do so.

They will deal with issues head on, which can rub off on these younger women thus helping them mature faster.

They are more romantic and chivalrous

They have probably had enough experience with enough women to know how to treat them right.

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