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Here's how to deal with your untidy Husband

From littering clothes everywhere in the house to leaving every container in the kitchen open, women have found themselves cleaning after grown-up men – something that can be very annoying.

Every married woman will tell you of the countless weird behaviours they discovered they men possess once they got married and started living together.

To relieve you from this stressful life that can even pose a danger to your marriage, here are clever ways to tactfully change your man to be a tidier person.

1. Involve them


If it annoys you that your husband spends time watching television while you toil around the house, all you need to do is involve him in the house chores.

As a couple, outline what needs to be done around the house then assign everyone including the kids their task.

2. Be specific on what he will be doing

In the planning, make it clear that his task is to take out the trash, cut the grass, trim the fence etc.

Do not be vague with duties like, help out with the kids, this will be ignored and you will be left disappointed.


3. Schedule a time for the task

The plan should be detailed enough to capture when the task ought to be carried out.

This is to ensure that the trash does not stay in the house for a whole month or the grass overgrown in the garden, while he insists that he will still do it at his own time.

4. Ask kindly

Men never want to feel as if you are imposing anything on them. Therefore, if you want them to help around the house be gentle and kind. Do not nag.


5. Label containers in the Kitchen

Make sure you indicate what every container in the kitchen contains to make it easier for them to manoeuvre around and leave everything in place.

6.  Use humour

If your hubby comes to the house, removes his socks and leaves them on the floor, make a joke out of the pair of socks lying on the floor to help him know he ought to pick them and place in the laundry basket.

I know it is irritating but please do not shout.


7. Hire someone to clean

If your husband is truly not willing or unable to help you with the house chores, then you can hire a house help to do all the cleaning in the house.

You will not feel the burden of having to clean after him since you are now paying someone else to do so.


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