Usher Raymond has been spreading Herpes

Is it what he meant when he sang Let It Burn?

Usher Raymond is dealing with a million dollar lawsuit after he was sued for infecting his sexual partner with the incurable virus, herpes.

According to Radar Online, the 38-year-old  Confessions singer infected celebrity stylist, whose name has not been disclosed, with Herpes knowingly.

The legal documents that recently surfaced to prove Usher's lawsuit detail how Usher had rigorous unprotected sex with the stylist without informing her of his infection.

The doctors defined Usher as an asymptomatic carrier of the virus because his body shows no signs of the infection.

However, the infected stylist confessed to having noticed a "greenish discharge ooze from the performer's penis."

After inquiring with Usher, who claimed that his STD results came back negative, the affected party continued to have unprotected sex with him.

Three weeks later after a passionate affair, she started showing symptoms. The victim's lawyer wrote that she woke up feeling very sick with a fever of 100 degrees, chills a headache and aches and pains.

She also suffered vaginal lesions and blisters, when she went to the hospital she was diagnosed with Herpes.

According to the court document, Usher, whose net worth is 180 million dollars, posted a check for the victim’s medical bills that totaled $2,754.40 (Kes 286,319)

Usher was accused of consciously and purposefully neglecting to inform his partner that he was carrying herpes and had unprotected sex with her.

Word is Usher  got infected in 2010 after divorcing his wife Tameka Foster in 2010. He remarried in 2015 and his new wife Grace Miguel and no proof shows that she is also infected.


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