This specific Instagram photo can get you robbed

Be careful on which photos you post on instagram

You do not believe it?

Experts warn against posting photos of airplane boarding pass on social media as the details could be used to hack into your various accounts.

An experiment carried out by Australian airmiles genius, Steve Hui, revealed that your personal information could be retrieved from a simple boarding pass.

During the experiment, Hui took a photo posted from social media and was able to access a passenger’s full itinerary, frequent flyer logins, and even credit card details.

“I could view the passenger’s entire itinerary, and see when and where they were going to travel. Details also included their seat numbers, frequent flyer details, and ticket numbers,” Hui was quoted by

Many Instagram lovers are known to post countless photos of their travels around the globe and this experiment is a warning to them.

Hiding your name will also not help you as the barcode on the boarding pass can be used to get your personal information.

“By running the barcode through a simple online barcode reader. I was able to retrieve all the passenger’s details without seeing the rest of the boarding card,” he mentioned.

So next time you are travelling abroad do not brag with your pass on social media.


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