Eating popcorns will help you lose weight

A new research just revealed that eating popcorn is a newest way to lose weight.

In a US study, test subjects were allowed to eat unsweetened popcorn, chips, or just a glass of water before a main meal. Results: The popcorn group ate the least!

According to the research, popcorn without salt, butter or sugar acts like a sponge, eats hunger and reduces the intake of calories.

Of course there is a 'but'.

A 'popcorn diet' is not suitable as a long-term solution to weight loss.

This is because popcorn, which is basically grains, contains only a few vitamins and minerals. In particular, popcorn that is not self-made or fresh are similar to "styrofoam," since many of the ingredients are lost during heating.

Well, there you have it. When you finally decide to start that  weight loss diet you've been postponing, you can always start with popcorns


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