What to do when your husband is still in touch with their ex

Is the relationship between your husband and their ex just friendly or could their be something more?

You are casually cleaning up your room while your husband is taking a shower. His phone beeps and you think that it could be someone important trying to call him so you reach out for his phone and discover it is just a message.

You unintentionally catch a glimpse of the message and it is from Becky, their ex - sounds like a movie right?

Granted that not all women will react this way, there are a string of questions that could run through a woman’s mind at that moment.

For starters, why are they still in touch with their ex? Why didn’t he mention it to you? Are you being paranoid or could there be some unresolved issues between your husband and the ex? Should you tell him you accidentally saw the message on his phone or will he think you were snooping around?

Whichever the case, what you decide to do after that will definitely determine the course of your relationship.

There is no definite method that states if you do a particular thing that your husband will definitely stop speaking to their ex but there are some things that women need to consider doing when they find out.

1.Have a conversation with your husband

You do not know why your husband is still in touch with their ex and the best way to find out is to ask them about it.

Do not be afraid to ask all the questions that you have and to tell your husband how you truly feel about them still being in communication with their ex.

2.Dismantle that relationship

Exes are exes for a reason and honestly they should stay as such.

Unless they are your husband’s baby mother, there really is no other reason as to why they should still be in contact with your husband.

3.Blaming the ex and forgetting your husband

There are times when women tend to forget that their spouses were also part of the conversation with their ex – it is a two way traffic after all.

Most of these women then end up blaming the ex and in turn embarrass themselves in such situations.

Your husband is just as responsible as their ex is.

4.Decide what to do after all these considerations

After all is said and done, what is the way forward for you and your husband?

If your husband was actually cheating with their ex, will you leave them or try and work things out?

If they were not cheating, will the both of you have a no communicating with your exes policy from then on?

A lot to consider but at the end of the day, you have to do what works for you in your relationship.


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