• The blackheads of two patients are no match for Dr. Pimple Popper in her latest videos.
  • Using a small blade and her extractor, Dr. P quickly loosens and squeezes the blemishes.
  • Some of the blackheads are hiding more gunk than she expected, but Dr. P knows how to handle the situation.

If the videos from dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper have taught Popaholics anything, it's to expect the unexpected. While there's no great big oozy pop this time around, Dr. P shared two videos over the weekend with pops that surprised even her.

In a video posted on her Instagram yesterday, Dr. P first uses a small blade to assess the situation before switching to her her trusty comedone extractor to push against the patient's skin and release off-white ooze in one satisfyingly and unexpectedly long squeeze. She moves on to a smaller blemish in the same area that also ends up hiding more gunk than Dr. P originally thought it would.

"It's longer than I thought," Dr. P says in the video.

But even when there are surprises, no blackhead is a match for Dr. P.

"Things in pop vision are bigger than they appear! " she caption the video.

In a post from Saturday, Dr. P zooms in on a blackhead on a patient's back. She starts by loosening the blemish with a sharp blade, as she explains to the patient in the video, and then uses her extractor to push against the skin and gently scrap away all the gunk that was lurking beneath the surface. The removal is so swift and clean that, afterward, it's like there wasn't ever a blackhead there to start with.

"TAG someone that loves the pops! " Dr. P captioned the video.

"Satisfied as heck," wrote one user.

"Can I tag myself I live for these pop!!" another commented on the video.