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Online debate: Has Zari Hassan undergone a BBL?

It is rumoured the boss lady underwent a cosmetic procedure

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan has been in the news for several reasons, one of which also includes her super-curvy bottom.

A number of Zari's fans are convinced that the entrepreneur’s bum might be the result of an implant. Zari, however, has insisted that she has a natural behind.

Netizens have previously come up with 'receipts' (photos) comparing her before and after pictures in an effort to dispel Zari's assertion.

The South Africa-based, Ugandan socialite is well-endowed; however, lately, after pictures surfaced online speculations of her undergoing a butt implant have intensified.


The image has hit the airwaves at a time when the conversation on social media has centred around the controversial Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

BBLs involve the transfer of fat from areas of the body (thighs, stomach, and sometimes the back), to the buttocks and hips to create the conventionally desirable hourglass figure.

The dangers of the complex procedure have been well documented, the main issue is that fat can inadvertently enter the gluteal veins and travel up to the heart and lungs.


The mortality rate for BBLs has been estimated to be as high as 1:3000, making it one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries on the market.

Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy pioneered the BBL in the 1960s, and it began gaining steam in the United States in 2010s with the rise of influencers and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian flaunting figures many assumed could only be attained through surgery.

No doubt, the BBL craze has been turbocharged with social media tapping into the hype. On TikTok, #BBLeffect has more than 212 million views fueled by Miss BBL, a character created by Antoni Bumba.


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