The 15 Best Bullet Vibrators That Can Make You Orgasm Anytime, Anywhere

If you could only own one vibrator for the rest of your life (the horror!), what kind would it be? A wand vibrator , a rabbit-style , a couples vibe? For me, it'd be the most basic type of the sex-toy bunch: a bullet vibe.

15 Bullet Vibrators That Deliver Major Pleasure

Why? Because like a lot of women, I need serious clitoral stimulation to get off. And a little compact bullet vibrator takes care of that, above all else.

"Their intense and concentrated vibrations allow you to zone in on the hot spots that take you over the edge," says sexologist Jess OReilly, host of the @ SexWithDrJess Podcast. That isn't just exclusive to your clitoris, btwa bullet can be used on other sensitive parts of your body, too. (Think: inner thighs, nipples , anus...get creative, friends.)

Not to mention, these babies are nothing if not discrete. They barely even resemble vibrators half the time. You can carry one in your bag or even travel with it , certified sex therapist Kat Van Kirk notes.

Convinced? Whether you're a vibrator newbie or sex-toy connoisseur, bullet vibes are a staple in any collection. Here are the best bullet vibrators experts are buzzing about:

Dame is known for rolling out high-quality toys that are designed and tested by womenand Kip is no exception. This pint-sized bullet vibe has an angled silicone tip to help target specific areas, as well as a cupped face to give you all-around clitoral stimulation.

You know a vibe is next-level when you can wear it as jewelry. The Palma is a waterproof vibrating ring with three speeds and two custom vibration modes that let you control the vibration with your own movements, Plus, it looks pretty.

The Tango comes with a tapered tip and flat edge that allows you to target different areas of your bodyand clitoris . Its rechargeable, has eight different vibrations, and is waterproof, so you can take it in the shower. Plus, it seriously lasts. "Ive had mine for years and its just as powerful as the day I bought it," OReilly says.

Want more tiny sex toys you can stash anywhere? K, here's 11:

Who said a bullet needed to be fancy or expensive? This little guy is like a Honda Civic: trusty (it's powerful AF), lasts forever (just swap in a new battery when you've exhausted the motor), and so economical ($15? yes, please!).

The Je Joue G-Spot bullet vibe is made for external and internal stimulation (which btw, most bullet vibrators aren't), thanks to its curved head thats designed to hit your G-spot . With five speeds and seven patterns, you'll want to take this waterproof vibrator anywhere and everywhere.

At 5 inches long, this nugget is bigger than the average bullet but smaller than the average insertable vibrator. Translation? You can put it wherever you please (on your clit, in your vag, etc.).

Sweetening the deal even more: 17 (!) different pulsing patterns. Because, options.

No muss, no fussthis simple bullet gets the job done. The Crave is waterproof and made with a combo of stainless steel and pthalate-free silicone. Its also known for being super quiet, so you can get your kicks without anyone else knowing.

This takes your standard bullet and raises you one. Well, tworabbit "ears" that is. These ears can hug your clitoris (aww), giving you sensations from allll angles. It can also do both straight-ahead vibrations and patterned pulsing to max out your pleasure.

If youre looking for a discrete bullet, this is it. The Roxie is sleek and simple, with a tapered tip to help you target different areas. Its also covered in silicone for a nice second-skin feel.

This bullet is powerful and has 20 functions, giving you plenty of ways to switch things up. Its also dipped in hypoallergenic silicone, giving it a smooth finish. And, the design allows you to easily target all the right spots. "I really like its pointed tip," OReilly says.

Your orgasm potential shouldnt have to suffer because youre on a budget. Enter the Cooxer Bullet Vibrator. Despite the low price, this sleek vibe has everything you need to get offit vibrates, it's waterproof, and it's operated with a push-button control. What more could you want?

This little battery-powered vibe is small, but so mighty. Just twist the base to turn up the vibrations. The ring end slips over your finger, so you can keep it handy when youre doing other stuff.

This bullet is coated in silicone for a smooth feel and is controlled with a wireless remote so you or your partner can control whats going down (from up to 118 feet away). The Lyla has six preset patterns, but can also mimic your own moves. Bonus: Its fully waterproof and rechargeable.

At first glance, this petite vibe looks just like a tube of lipstickmaking it the perfect toy to discreetly toss in your bag (hey, you never know when you're gonna need an orgasm...).

It's easy to hold and the silicone tip is ultra-soft to the touch. In order to adjust the vibration modes, you simply turn the tube, just like a lipstick. Not to mention, this lil guy is totally waterproof, too.

Oh you fancy, huh? For the ultimate in under-the-radar vibrators, this sleek bullet is designed to look exactly like edgy jewelry. It comes in silver, 24K gold, or rose goldso you can match your vibe to your outfit with ease.

The thin Vesper offers four speeds and two modes (pulsing and constant), but stays quiet as it works. After all, the whole point of a bullet vibrator is discretion, right?


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