• The internet is freaking out over Jennifer Aniston's doppelganger.
  • Her name is Caitlin, and she's a blogger whose brand is The Kindred Ginger.
  • She said this isn't the first time she's gotten the comparison, but she doesn't see it herself.

Many celebs have doppelgangers (case in point: J.Lo's is a bodybuilder !), and it turns out that Jennifer Aniston 's lookalike is a blogger named Caitlin of The Kindred Ginger . Of course, the internet has been freaking out over her eerily-similar appearance to The Morning Show actress.

It all started when Caitlin posted an Instagram photo of her new haircut. Suddenly, it gained tons of attention from her followers, with multiple comments comparing her to Jenniferspecifically her famous character on Friends, Rachel Green.

"Rachel is that you?!?!?!?!?!" wrote one Instagram user.

"Beautiful You Two are Definitely Look Alikes!!," another follower wrote. "You look so much like Jennifer Aniston! ," still another said.

And yet another follower said Caitlin looked like a combo of Jen and another famous actress: "Its like @jenniferaniston and @juleshough had a baby. Im here for it all @thekindredginger."

But some followers weren't totally convinced. "I would say more of a cross between Isla fisher and Debra messing ," one commented.

And after one Instagram user commented, "While she is pretty. I dont see the comparison to Jennifer Aniston. She looks nothing like her to me," Caitlin actually agreed, responding, "hi Sarah! Thank you so much! I agree! I dont think so either."

Caitlin also told TODAY that, besides "the blue eyes," she doesn't see the resemblance to Jennifer Aniston herself, and neither do her family and friends. That said, she's still "extremely flattered" by the comparison. "Jennifer is gorgeous, and Ive always been a huge fan," she said.

Oh, and btw this isn't the first time that Caitlin has been compared to the actress. That happened when she was in high school and worked as a cashier at a grocery store. The person said she looked like "Rachel from 'Friends.'"

"I could feel myself blush. I didnt know what to say," Caitlin recalled to the publication. "Twenty years later, Ive gotten it countless times since then, and Im caught off guard every time."