6 things no one tells you about being a mom

It’s more than what you think

Mom and baby(Verastic)

There is so much hype about baby bump shoots and baby showers. And sometimes you can’t help but think, ‘Aaawe, so cute that I can’t wait to be a mom’. Some months later, you see more photos of the happy mom and their bundle of joy and ooh the baby fever you get.

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But the truth of the matter is, there is so much about motherhood that no one tells you about. For instance, whoever told you that you will ever go through these things once you become a mom?

1. Post-partum depression

This is so real and any mom can get it even if you did not suffer from depression before baby came. It can affect your emotions towards your own baby and you will need to seek help from a professional.

2. You will feel helpless at some point

If you were used to doing your laundry, cooking and shopping for yourself, things might change. So much attention will be directed to the baby such that you may not even have the time to clean up. You will miss cooking your favorite meals but you may not even manage to do the simplest of tasks for the first few weeks. It’s even worse if you delivered through caesarian section.

3. Your relationships with your partner may change

For some, the bond may become stronger as you now have a baby together. But in the first few weeks, things might be different. You will be tired and all you will want is to sleep. You will spend less time with your partner and your intimacy may also suffer.

4. Sleepless nights

For the first few months, you will have to sacrifice your sleep. Sometimes the baby will decide to cry the whole night and unless you have a supportive partner, it’s not easy.

5. Your body will change

Your youthful skin and body is subject to change. First, you will have to battle with shedding baby fat for the first few months not forgetting the stretch marks on your belly. There is also the line that runs down your belly. And ooh, your ‘girls’ will not be as firm and they may actually sag unless you choose not to breastfeed your baby.

6. Breastfeeding is not as easy as you think

And it can actually be impossible. Every time you see a mom breastfeeding their baby, it seems like such an easy task. But it may actually take you weeks before you master the art of breastfeeding. The process may also be painful, the baby may literally refuse to breastfeed and you can also get infections.


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