6 reasons why you should marry a woman like Zari Hassan

This is why Zari is such an ideal woman.


A controversial personality and an ever ripe source of saucy drama, Zari Hassan has graced tabloids and mainstream media as the Ugandan beauty who is a mother of five, a divorcee of the late multimillionaire, Ivan Don Ssemwanga and now baby mama to one of the top most paid Tanzanian musician, Diamond Platnumz.

Her highly scandalous media presence has earned her much disapproval from her fan base and at the same time a healthy number of admirers. As much as many wouldn't want to admit, Zari is an ideal woman and a lot of people can learn from her how to balance life.

Here are 6 reasons why

1. She can cook

We shall start with this because unlike many, her super expensive manicure doesn't stop her from cooking using a jiko. Twice she has been seen at it and you won't find that in a lot of women's timelines. Mostly celebrities... well, other than Akothee.

2. She has a relationship with her children

While she has been having it rough with Diamond, it's been a smooth sail with Zari and her babies. She is always hanging out with them and one special moment that tells a deeper story of just how tight they are was during Ivan's funeral. Even when Diamond wasn't around, she stayed strong for her older sons and slew while doing it.

3. Speaking of strong, check out how she's handling her drama with Diamond Platnumz

He didn't mince his words when he said that he only goes to her for sex because she was cheater and Zari didn't hesitate to prove her innocence and still after the apparent childish behaviour portrayed by Diamond, Zari, who clearly doesn't need him to make it (Lol, she already has) sucked it up and stayed with him.

To many, it didn't look like a smart move but rather a desperate one to keep her relationship from spiraling. Still, the ability of a woman to over look such treatment from the father of her last borns show strength, especially at a time when so many things were going wrong. (Death of Ivan in May 2017.)

4. She keeps it sexy all day every day

At 30-something years of age and 5 babies later, Zari still looks like a stunning young girl in her twenties. She's been driving guys crazy with her very revealing one piece swimsuits during her rather expensive vacay, her latest being last weekend when Diamond took her to Mombasa. She works out, she eats right and even shares her homemade beauty secrets with her fans on Instagram. Don't even get me started on her fashion sense.

5. Speaking of babies, she doesn't mind popping them

Other than Julie Gichuru and Akothee, she is the only other top celebrity known to have popped so many babies and with such ease. One can tell from her photos that she enjoys motherhood and that is rare in the entertainment industry.

6. She can manage family business

Zari doesn't mind switching her booty shorts for a suit. When Ivan Don passed on, Zari was left as guardian of their sons' fortune and he entrusted her with so many of their businesses. On her own, Zari has already started investing in her children even the youngest is now a brand ambassador for Baby Shop. Zari doesn't mind switching her booty shorts for a suit

No one is saying that she doesn't have a bad side, I mean there is no coming back from masturbating videos and photos of men holding your breasts but, we all have our dark sides (Some worse than this). Here's the difference:  Zari is one of the few who chose not to let them define her.


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