The amazing tools men are using for self satisfaction

While fapping and orgasms can do wonders for one’s overall health, it can be even more beneficial and exciting if you use sex toys.

Fapping time

Sex is a lot different than it was ten years ago… heck, it’s a lot different than it was five years ago. It’s an evolution from the days people had to indulge in some loving with lights off. Male masturbation techniques have moved from tissues and store-bought tissues to investment of toys. Sex toys can be used for solo-loving or with a partner to

It’s time to upgrade the old sex routine and accept that sex toys don not emasculate you but enhance your sexual moments

Here are 10 men-approved products to take your self-loving and sex to new heights.

Penis vibrator ring

Cock rings - a ring place around the base of your penis which then slows down the flow blood making you last longer. Cock rings can also be worn around both the penis and scrotum: the scrotal ring is usually called a testicular cuff. Materials used to make this rings are professionally tested and approved and can be made either from silicone, leather or metal. Please do not put your own weird things like a car bolt to act as a ring, just save and buy a proper one


This toy is ranked as world’s best seller because it’s essentially a vagina. The toy is a flashlight-sized male masturbator with a penis-hugging sleeve made from Fleshlight's SuperSkin technology. Fleshlight is by far the closest to the real thing, some of the toys have replicas of your best top female porn stars like Jenny Haze. You put your dick in after warming it under warm water, please use lube to avoid abrasions, adjust the tightness according to your preference then move the Fleshlight up and down, Easy. Due to the skin-like material, the sensations feels realistic.

Deep throat pocket toy

Sasha Grey Deep throat toy is a real-life mold mouth from the world’s hottest porn star’s mouth. This masturbator toy has only one hole, creating a tight, natural suction around your cock. It’s the real deal! Miss the BJ moments, this toy is perfect for you.

Realistic ass

Buy a realistic butt masturbator and enjoy the real-lifelike sensations! This toy is a soft molded ass with both the p-hole and a-hole. So if you are thinking of venturing into the world, why not get this and make it your guinea pig?


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