Secret Plan to Raid Joho’s House

After Wanjigi, is Joho next?

Divulging the information, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed stated that he was aware of the ploy to raid Joho's palatial house in Nyali.

According to Mr. Mohammed, the police were planning to plant firearms in Joho’s home.

“Credible information!T he Government is trying hard to plant illegal weapons in one of the Governor Joho's houses,” the MP tweeted.

However, Coast regional police commander Larry Kieng rubbished the claims noting that there was no such plan.

Mr Kieng stated that the remarks by Mohammed were unfounded and only geared towards stirring political tension.

The police boss added that social media news that the house Joho’s  brother Abubakar Joho was raided was fake.

At the same time, a report by the Star indicated that Joho’s family lawyer Dennis Mosota mentioned that the workers had spotted a suspicious vehicle near the compound.

"The workers panicked when they spotted vehicles near the compound but there was no raid at any houses within Nyali suburb on Monday night," Mosota was quoted.


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