Two people were on Tuesday afternoon killed in a freak accident involving a burst vehicle tyre at a garage in Mlolongo township, Machakos County.

According to the area chief, Peter Ndunda, the two were mechanics working on a mechanical issue that required welding on the wheel.

The youthful mechanics accidentally hit on the tyre, causing a huge explosion from the compressed air.

One of the mechanics was reported to have had his head blow out and died on the spot.

The bodies of the two deceased were taken to a local mortuary.

Although rare, tyre and wheel rim explosions are dangerous and often occur when wheel repairs are done before deflation.

The risk involved include workers getting serious injuries that could even lead to death from the blast of parts of a tyre and rim assembly.  

Trucks and lorries are especially risky and require mechanics to inspect the wheel assembly to ensure there are no defects before welding.

Mechanics are also encouraged to use safety cages during inflation and put on helmets during servicing to enhance safety when dealing with wheel repairs.