Economist David Ndii has called on Kenyans to stop referring to people who have completed their Primary or Secondary education, as 'school drop outs'.

In a twitter exchange seen by Pulse Live, Mr Ndii said that calling these individuals drop outs, is the language of disrespect to others.

Stop calling people drop-outs. A person who has completed primary or secondary school is not a “drop out.” This is the language of madharau,” said Dr. Ndii.

His words came after he sent out a tweet, asking if it would be possible for the country to have a conversation on employment that is not about graduates. He noted that only 1 out of 10 unemployed people is a graduate, and this system that was introduced by the colonialists is why Kenya lags behind economically.

A twitter user then responded saying that the problem is that primary and secondary school drop outs believe that they have failed in life, yet we have vocational training institutions for relevant technical skills that can get them employed.

Economist David Ndii
Economist David Ndii

The user added that Kenya still needs a good education system.

Is it possible to have a conversation on employment that’s not about graduates? Only 1/10 unemployed is a graduate. Preservation of the colonial system of education as entitlement is why Kenya’s economic take off aborted. Successful societies focus on the bottom not the top,” tweeted David Ndii.

I do think that's why we vocational training colleges. 1.People build houses daily -welding, masonry 2. Houses needs piping- plumping... - it's only that primary or high school dropouts do believe they have failed in life. And again, the country needs a good education system,” responded Twitter user Brian Onundo.

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