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Activist who incited the public to kick out police officer from her car during attempted arrest dramatically arrested [Video]

The dramatic arrest and the raid was streamed live

File image of Mildred Owiso who streatmed her dramatic arrest

Midred Atty Owiso, the lady who made news after capturing her ordeal at the hands of a police officer who attempted to arrest her before she mobilized the public and kicked out the policeman from her vehicle has been dramatically arrested.

Just like she streamed her encounter earlier this week, the whole drama was streamed live on Facebook and shared with the rest of the world.

In the clip, several people believed to be police officers are seen making their way into her compound.

Tear gas canisters were allegedly lobbed at the premises during the dramatic arrest.


All the while, a panic-stricken Owiso is heard screaming and updating the public on the unfolding events.

After receiving a phone call, Owiso who had initially issued instructions to her household that they should not open the doors appears to change her mind, pleading with the men to be allowed to at least dress up before opening the door.

In the clip, Owiso alleges that her dogs were killed in the process, screaming loudly that the people who raided her home are out to kill her.

Below is the video of the arrest.


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