AG Kihara reveals the billions recovered in war on corruption

AG Paul Kihara speaks on the billions recovered in crackdown on graft

Attorney General Paul Kihara Kariuki (Twitter)

Attorney General Paul Kihara has revealed that the government has recovered Sh3 billion that had been fraudulently acquired in corruption.

The sum includes proceeds recovered from money laundering schemes in the past two years.

Speaking on Monday, AG Kihara revealed that 700 corruption cases are still in court being prosecuted, therefore, the figure may fluctuate from there.

Conflict of interest

AG Kihara was also given a special assignment by President Uhuru Kenyatta to draft a bill that will outlaw state officers operating businesses they regulate.

The President specifically pointed out traffic police officers who own matatus while at the same time enforce traffic rules.

"I believe going forward, parastatal chiefs should not be in a position to use their offices to advance their private businesses.

"Those in the arena of road traffic regulation should not be at the same time players in the industry they supervise. You cannot police yourself. I think we need to be very clear on that," the President stated.

The president further directed AG Kihara to act on the Ndegwa Report. He is yet to table the Bill.


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