Children Welfare officers in Nyandarua county have raised alarm over the number of mothers who are drowning in alcoholism and leaving their young ones alone.

According to reports, Ol Kalou and Kinangop constituencies lead in cases of child neglect, abandonment, defilement and other child abuse-related incidents.

Residents have expressed concern of mothers being spotted in bars and they are hardly seen at home.

Alarm as drunk mothers abandoning their young children hits this county
Alarm as drunk mothers abandoning their young children hits this county

In one case at Vatican Estate, a child was rescued after her mother abandoned her in a rental house for three weeks.

A neighbour said the child’s mother rented the room and left the home three weeks ago and has not returned and efforts to trace her have been futile.

Increase of alcohol dens  

In another incident, a mother of two died in Kinangop constituency, after consuming illicit alcohol at a local den.

Police impounding illicit brew
Police impounding illicit brew

Residents claimed that she would wake up early in the morning before making breakfast for her children only to spend the entire day in alcohol dens.

Children’s welfare officers from Kinangop constituency arrested a mother and rescued five children she had abandoned in a rental house where they starving and ailing living in deplorable conditions.

Kinangop Children’s Officer Elizabeth Wanjira said none of the children had been enrolled in school.