Alice Wahome roasted for making 'ignorant' comments on coronavirus

Alice Wahome had asked CS Mutahi Kagwe to define family

Alice Wahome roasted for making 'ignorant' comments on coronavirus

Kandara MP Alice Wahome on Monday morning came under fire from a section of Kenyans who were unhappy with her comments regarding the government's measures to prevent spread of coronavirus which has so far affected 15 people in Kenya.

Wahome questioned a directive issued by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe that funerals and burials would only be attended by family members with the number capped at 15.

However, Wahome seemed to play politics with the matter stating the limitation to 15 people was not clear as some African families can have up to 100 members.

"Mutahi needs to go further and say what number he means by family because in the African setting, family is large and it can be as large as a hundred people. They should be able to tell the family it is the immediate family members, father, mother, brothers and sisters - maximum 15," she said during an interview with NTV.

The statement did not sit well with a number of people - given Kagwe's statement had clearly explained that only immediate family members would attend the burial ceremonies until the coronavirus is contained.

"Alice Wahome woke up early to go and share her ignorance to the nation on national TV. How can one person be so stupid like that?" Meshak commented on Twitter.

"The saddest thing at this #lockdown is to wake up open my and see Alice Wahome in #amliventv advising us on #coronavirus madness at its highest level! Now she is castigating Mutahi Kagwe and demanding him to explain what a family consists of? I mean, such crooks," Amkanji Thomas opined.

"Cs mutahi kagwe explained it so well yesterday that it's the immediate members of the family, a number that should not exceed 15 people. Sasa huyu Alice anataka atangaziwe na track ya Road show aelewe ama?" Solomon Kimani remarked.

As part of measures to contain spread of coronavirus, the government on Sunday announced that bars would cease operations in addition to banning social gatherings such as weddings and village barazas.

Having noted the non-compliance of individuals may they be in religious organizations, may they be in other social gatherings, the NERC has directed the suspension of all church mosque, funeral and other social gatherings and funerals are restricted to immediate family members only,” said the CS.


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