Kenyans question Anglican pastor's harambee to build house, hours later he replies

Harambee to build pastor's house sparks reactions

Anglican Reverend Onesphore Ngabo speaks to Pulselive Kenya over fundraising for his family home has exclusively obtained a response from Reverend Onesphore Ngabo whose harambee invitation card was leaked online.

The invitation caused a stir among Facebook users as many interrogated the rationale behind the cleric seeking financial assistance to build a family home.

The card was posted by one Leonard Omondi to the popular Buyers Beware group and received comments such as "...these pastors have brainwashed their followers into believing that the beat thing they can do on earth is to stand with them in their times of need," from one George Omuok.

A number of commentators expressed their respect for the cleric stating that "at least he is honest".

Antonina Gachoka remarked: "But where is a priest supposed to get a home from, this is correct biblically...this one has not sinned by doing this, his house should have been built by his (flock) without him asking thus putting him to such embarrassment."

An invitation can be honoured or not - Rev. Ngabo

This journalist reached out to 55-year-old Rev. Ngabo over the matter and he was genuinely surprised that his invite had made it to the web.

"I did not post anything on social media platforms. I don't know who did it because I sent to specific individuals.

"I am an Anglican priest and I operate under the protocols set out by the church so first of all, the Bishop is aware and he gave the go-ahead for the harambee.

"It is not unusual for congregants to want to take care of their vicars once they reach retirement age, which for us comes when one turns 65 years, I'm fast approaching that age. So when congregants came to me and asked me to organize the affair I obliged," he told

The Reverend also added: "an invitation or request can be honoured or not, so no one is forced at all."

Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit earlier this month gave a directive against politicians and the donations they make in churches, banning them from doing it at the ACK parishes.

"We are not going to open up the pulpit to be the place where we do politics. If we have to meet Christians and greet, let us do it outside the church. Let every worship hour be a worship hour where what we hear is the word of God and not political rhetoric.

"Giving should be a secret thing between you and your God it’s not something to be displayed….Do it secretly it doesn’t matter the amount . But if it is for display we are saying we are sorry because the church is not available for display," he stated.


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