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Another building collapses in Kinoo along Waiyaki Way [Photos]

The five-storey building is said to have collapsed on Saturday night

Leaning collapsed building in Kinoo, along Waiyaki Way

Reports have surfaced online indicating that a five-story building under construction has collapsed in Kinoo Estate, along Waiyaki Way in Nairobi. The second such incident in the area since September 2021.

Photos shared online showed the building's lower floors had caved in and the rest of the building was leaning dangerously on adjacent residential apartments which appeared to have occupants.

The building located in the Regen area is said to have gone down at around midnight on March 5, 2022.

Speaking to journalists, occupants of the adjacent building - Crestwood Apartments - reported having heard 'a loud noise followed by a heavy cloud of dust' which caused many of them to leave their houses and gather outside.


Preliminary reports do not indicate any casualties from the incident, with residents of Crestwood Apartments confirming that only balconies facing the collapsed building had been severely damaged.

They said only bedrooms seemed to have developed cracks and some debris following the incident.


On September 3, 2021 a building under construction and near completion partially collapsed and would later be demolished in the same area.

In the three days before the building was demolished, it had come to be known as the 'leaning tower of Kinoo' causing a spectacle online.

It would later emerge that the building had not been approved for construction by the National Construction Authority (NCA).


Experts and engineers who visited the site concluded that the building crumbled because it stood on a weak foundation.

According to the National Disaster Management Unit Director Dr Duncan Ochieng, the building had been cleared by the Kiambu County government.


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