Pastor Ng'ang'a given stern warning, Kenyans also warned against the controversial preacher

You cannot be a man of God yet your character is that of Satan-Ng'ang'a told

Apostle James Maina Nganga

Controversial Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a’s antiques has attracted the attention of Archbishop Arthur Kitonga of Redeemed Gospel Church who has told him that he cannot be a man of God yet his character is that of Satan, warning him to repent of be prepared to face hell.

A tough-talking Bishop Kitonga slammed Ng’ang’a pointing out that his actions and character bear close resemblance to Satan’s.

“You either repent or be ready to face the devil in hell, you cannot be a man of God and yet your character is that of Satan.” Kitonga stated.

He faulted Ng’ang’a for taking his personal differences with his bishops to the pulpit in an insult-filled rant that was captured on camera.

“If you have any problem with your bishops or any other leader in the church, it can be settled amicably and through the guidance of the wisdom but not through abusive ways,” Bishop Kitonga.

The respected Bishop also cautioned Kenyans against following scandalous and arrogant preachers whose character contravenes the teachings of the Bible.

“Kenyans should be able to follow preachers or men of God who portray Christ’s character and not the likes of Ng’ang’a who are full of negative influence to Christ’s body and the entire society.” Bishop Kitonga said.

Actions will not go unpunished

The bishop declared that Ng’ang’a’s actions ill not go unpunished and commanded him to repent.

“I am his spiritual father and I want him to apologize to his church leaders, followers and Kenyans at large. This kind of action will not go unpunished, if he doesn’t repent then he will face the full wrath of God. He claims the devil is against him and that’s why I am now commanding him to repent or face hell,” he said.

Arch-Bishop Kitango’s fiery speech was delivered at the Tent of Testimonies Ministries International-Nairobi ordination of Prophet Fred Akama was ordained as an apostle.

In a video that went viral, the Neno Evangelism founder while addressing his Bishops called them rubbish and stupid people for disrespecting his wife.

He also threatened the Bishops and their wives that if they don’t respect his wife, he will kick them out of his ministry and close down the churches they are leading.a.


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