Assailants attack school and poison water

School fraternity left shocked after unusual incident

Crime scene sticker

Kaminji Primary School in Kirinyaga County was on Monday attacked and the water in the school poisoned.

Henry Gitura who is the school Headteacher, stated that the attackers destroyed window panes and interfered with the institution’s water as a result of a bad smell that came from the water tank.

"We suspect that the raiders gained entry into the school and destroyed the property. We also suspect that they messed up the water for children," remarked Gitarua.

Mwea West police boss Joseph Matiku stated that investigations into the incident had begun.

Kabinga Wathayu who is the Member of Parliament for Mwea, criticized the incident and offered support to the school.

“I will allocate Constituency Development Funds to put up a fence round the school for security purposes," stated Wathayu.

Reservoir contaminated

In 2018, a deputy headteacher from Sumeyon Primary School in Baringo North had been charged with vandalism and poisoning of a water reservoir.

Michael Kandie had been accused of disconnecting pipes and spraying some dangerous poison at the Kapikrwork water project, which was near the school.

The teacher had been further alleged that he had inscribed a warning message on the walls of the reservoir. 


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