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Atwoli’s response after Nyakundi tried to snitch him to KRA [Screenshot]

Wacha wivu, amka asubuhi na mapema, chapa kazi - Atwoli fires back

Francis Atwoli and Nyakundi

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has responded after blogger Cyprian Nyakundi tried to set him up to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for living large on social media.

On Tuesday, Nyakundi put up Atwoli’s video while on a baecation with his wife Mary Kilobi, describing them as ‘suspects’.

“Hi @KRACare kuna suspects hapa,” shared Nyakundi.


However, in a quick rejoinder Atwoli hit back, advising Nyakundi stop being jealous of his life and work hard.

“Nyakundi, this might be you in future if only you focus on your life, and worked hard, and not waking up to troll others on social media. Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins.

“I want you to live longer. Wacha wivu, amka asubuhi na mapema, chapa kazi. Alafu lipa ushuru,” reads Atwoli’s response.

Cracking Down


On Monday, KRA said that they have started cracking down on Kenyans who display their fabulous lifestyle online.

KRA Commissioner General Githii Mburu told Business Daily that there are officers monitoring social media for Kenyas who post images of their houses, cars and other flamboyant activities.

"In the social media, we have some people posting some nice things. You would see some posting nice houses, cars, taking their families to nice places and so on. Here, we are not sleeping, when we see those, we see taxes.

"We have our officers looking, they have gadgets. The key in very quickly (the number plate) to check. We are working exceptionally hard," Mburu disclosed.

With the increase in the number of high-end cars on the road, KRA is keen to make sure that every Kenyan gives to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.


Alai Vs Atwoli

on the other hand, this is not the first time Atwoli is being embroiled in a 'war of words' with bloggers. In May this year, he was again up in arms with blogger Robert Alai after he took to Twitter to castigate the act of naming a road after him.

In a tweet, Alai claimed that naming a road after the COTU Boss was an insult to Kenyan workers.

“A Francis Atwoli Road is an insult to Kenyan worker. Huge insult,” tweeted Alai.


However, Atwoli fired back at the controversial blogger stating that he (Alai) has done nothing for this Country other than gaining followers on twitter.

He added that the blogger always wishes for his down fall, something he says will never happen.

“I know you better than you actually know yourself, and I won't give in to what you want. In fact, I will see you go down but never will you see me go down. And by the way, what have you done in this life other than gaining followers on twitter and surviving on extortionism?” said Atwoli in a tweet.


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