Baba alilala wapi? Raila's odd choice of clothes gets hawk-eyed netizens talking

Raila traveled to the US on Sunday alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta

Baba alilala wapi? Raila Odinga's odd choice of clothes gets hawk-eyed netizens talking

The Kenyan online community is known for many things but being boring is not one one of them.

If they are not picking a fight with netizens from neighboring countries, they are busy coming up with award winning memes or carrying out a useless investigation that nevertheless demonstrates skills that would probably make the DCI envious.

The latest victim of the “DCI online wing” was ODM Leader Raila Odinga whose dress choice on Sunday left many questioning where he had spent the night.

Odinga had on Saturday night attended a Reggae music show presided by former UB40 band members - Ali Campbell and Astro.

On Sunday afternoon, Odinga announced he had flown to the USA to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC.

However, netizens noticed that Odinga appeared to have repeated the same clothes he had worn on Saturday night, right from the trousers, the shirt, and the half jacket.

Blogger Evans Bett, who made the interesting conversation, sparked out a tongue-in-cheek conversation.

Most of the male contributors jokingly defended Odinga while the female contributors wondered where the former Prime Minister had spent the night after leaving the music concert.

Here are some of the comments:


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