Gideon Moi releases new statement on Mzee Moi's burial

Kanu is currently holding 40 days of mourning at Kabarak

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi releases new statement on Mzee Daniel arap Moi's burial

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi on Monday sent out a message of gratitude to Kenyans and members of the KANU party for their support during the final journey of is father - former President Daniel arap Moi.

Gideon said is family's loss was made easier by the messages of love and support from Kenyans.

He also said Mzee Moi had received a send off befitting a former President and a former KANU Chairman.

KANU is currently holding forty days of mourning at the former President's Kabarak one where he was interred

Here is the statement:

"I hereby wish to deeply express my heartfelt gratitude to KANU members and by extension all Kenyans, for enveloping us with prayers, thus giving us the solid fortitude to endure our forlorn moment of grief.

We have remained stoic despite the great sense of loss of our Patriarch because of your outpouring love and unbounded support. We remain indebted to you for according Mzee a decent send-off that befitted his stature as our former Chairman, President and a great patriot.

We have been overwhelmed by your words of encouragement that uplifted us when our spirits plummeted. Your presence all this time has been nothing but the hallmark of your empathy.

Appreciating each and every one of you fully in reciprocation of your support may be impossible, but I pray that God's providence remains abundant in your lives. Asanteni sana."


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