BBI is a distraction and 6 other declarations DP Ruto made during interview with Jalas

DP Ruto has said what he has said

Poster on comedian Jalango's interview

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday granted an interview to comedian and radio personality Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang'o.

During the interview, DP Ruto discussed politics, his frustrations with the BBI project, his political ambitions and a few tidbits on his personal life.

"I want to tell every Kenyan, when you have the opportunity to get vaccinated, go. Ignore the rumours."

He reiterated sentiments made during an earlier interview that he had not been vaccinated to allow all essential service providers to get inoculated first.

"None of these competitors of mine, whether it's Baba or any of the others, can put together 140 elected MPs."

While flexing his political muscles, DP Ruto went on to declare that Baba (former Prime Minister Raila Odinga) "could maybe put together 80", former Vice President Musalia Mudavadi, 12, Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka 19/20 and Ford-Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula was estimated at between eight and 10 MPs.

"Forget about win-lose, it is possible to have a win-win situation."

DP Ruto avoided answering a question on whether he is willing to work with ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

He instead insinuated that his political ideology had changed and he is only willing to work with leaders who embrace his "bottom-up" and "win-win" philosophies.

He added that those who embrace the "win-lose" philosophy are the ones fighting him.

"Jubilee has been hijacked but I have a plan B."

The second-in-command stated that recent changes in the ruling party were indicative of a hostile takeover at the helm. He added that he is also willing to walk away from the party even though he contributed to its success.

"Just as we built Jubilee into a national party, we can build UDA into a national party."

The DP stated: "You must have an option, it is only a fool cannot change his mind. Once you've seen that Jubilee is on the path of elimination, removing people... you must have a plan."

"Where did the Big Four Agenda go? BBI is a distraction."

DP Ruto criticized the BBI project saying that it had distracted the government of the day from its initial Big Four development agenda for the country.

"BBI became a big emergency for the Jubilee administration and that's what we've been distracted with for 3 years... The only quarrel I have with BBI is that it has diverted our attention, energy and focus from what would legitimately change this country," the DP elaborated.

"I've outsmarted them and they don't like it."

Dr Ruto addressed his political detractors alleging that they were bitter with him and for that reason were spreading would-be damaging stories about him.

"They are only bitter because I've outsmarted them and that's why they are spreading propaganda about me. They began with questioning the source of my wealth and now you've seen recently people came out saying that they had been paid out by Nick Salat. But I'll not be intimidated, I've been in politics long enough to understand what is going on," he stated.


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