Ask Mature questions - Sonko Lectures Journalist [VIDEO]

Watch as Sonko badly embarrasses a journalist

The journalist who could not be identified from the recording was trying to get a comment from Mr Sonko over the garbage menace.

However, the aspiring Governor was irked by the fact that the reporter was asking double questions and not giving him time to answer.

"You cannot ask two questions at a time. Let me answer the first one," Sonko remarked.

A visibly irritated Sonko also accused the journalist of being sent by incumbent Governor Evans Kidero to interrogate him with meaningless questions.

"I am not a friend of Kidero that is intimidation and I do not know the intention. Why do you intimidate me in front of your fans?" the journalist posed.

Nonetheless, Sonko promptly rubbished the journalist's claims noting: "These are not my fans, do you really know my fans?"

"I know you are a journalist. Stop intimidating me, ask mature questions my friend otherwise I have the right of not answering them. So do not throw words at me You do not have that right. The respect I give you, give it back to me," Sonko said.

Sonko told the journalist, who claimed he was fearing for his life, to proceed with his question at the presser.

Watch the video:


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