Nigerian billionaire buries his father Benneth Offor in a gold coffin (Photos)

Benneth Offor died in February 11th 2016 but his billionaire son kept his body in the mortuary for 9 months as he waited to bury him in a gold coffin.


Nigerians are the most extravagant people in the entire continent of Africa, not even showy Luos can match their flamboyance.

A Nigerian billionaire, Sir Emeka Offor, has made tongues wag after he buried his father, Benneth Offor, in a pure gold coffin.

Benneth Offor died on February 11 2016 but his son decided to keep his body in the mortuary for nine months as he prepared a grand send off.

Emeka took months to decide when his father would be buried; he first issued a stern warning to thieves and pickpockets when he finally settled for November 18 as the date when his father would be laid to rest.

“My father served the Nigerian Police meritoriously and retired after 35 years of service, so nobody will be allowed to come here and mess up his funeral. Security arrangements have been put in place to deal with miscreants. Pickpockets would often sew uniform and infiltrate the funerals of rich persons in the State and steal people’s valuables, including telephone and money, but we are waiting for them in Oraifite, that day may be their last that will land them in prison, to be fore warned is to be fore armed.” Sir Emeka Offor was quoted by Vanguard.

Then came the day of the funeral and the world was stunned by the coffin the billionaire bought his father; a gold casket.

Photos of gold casket having been doing rounds since yesterday when Benneth Offor was laid to rest in is compound at Irefi Oraifite, Anambra State.


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